About the Zombie Cows

One day, the farm animals of the world will rise against the idiotic humans. And on that day, be sure you have made friends with a cow or other bovine species… mooooooo This site is for the Admins, Respected Players, and friends of the Zombie Cows Community! We are simply a group of gamers who love the Zombie genre of online gaming as well as a few other “fun” games.

All Admins of the ZC server are expected to adhere to the rules which are posted on the Forums.

If you would like to become a member of our Steam Group, Considered for an Admin Position, or become a Respected Player, you must Request so on our Forums.

Server Admins

Shadow, Mr Greenthumb, Vincent Price, Mr Too Curious, Nobane, Brixton The Zombie Cow, FlimFlam, Space Man Craig, Samui

Respected Players

Creepy Weaboo, Prospekt_Mir, Kinetic

Map Curator Syndicate

Creepy Weaboo, Prospekt_Mir, Kinetic, Brixton

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