Welcome to the Zombie Cows!

The Zombie Cow’s are a gaming community obsessed with ZPS (Zombie Panic:Source). We welcome any new players that are willing to share our good times and bad. Especially those who are new to the game!

Melee Tournament – Spring 2017 Winner!

Congratulations to Erdin Vincent, winner of the Zombie Cow’s Melee Tournament. There where a few major upsets this time around, as we saw Vincent Price go all the way to the final round vs Erdin Vincent. It was close! But Erdin Vincent took the win. We hope he’s enjoying his shiny new $20 steam gift card. Thanks to everyone for playing, Shadow for donating the prize and organizing the event and all the admins that helped out. Cheers! Brix

Zombie Cow’s Discord: https://discord.gg/9XS6FyS

Zombie Cow’s ZPS:

Administrators: Brixton, Greenthumb, F16, Shadow, TZJ, Samui, Mahula, Vincent Price,Tyon, FlimFlam, RedFox

Respected Players: To Be Announced. Respected Players are given abilities to control the server and help the game move along. To become a Respected Player, play on our server! We’ll notice you. Talk to us about being an RP, as you’ll probably know the admins. The key is to find the right admin. 🙂

Melee Tournament – Final Round

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