Welcome to Zombie Cows! This is a hotbed of testing and chaos. Stay tuned for many advancements.


Zombie Cows Servers

Zombie Panic:Source -
Zombie Cow's Minecraft Server - (coming soon)


ZPS Updates? Whaaaaat!? Can't wait to see what's next for ZPS. So glad the community kept the game going and there's devs interested in continuing the game. ZPS, we love you!

Game Panel development and testing stage 1 complete. Coming (Nov 2016) we shall move forward and begin controlling more games. Starting with a Minecraft server. Taking suggestions for more servers/games.

Now Testing - Theme development. Expect the Zombie Cows site to get a little crazy while I mess with it a bit.

Tis the Season for all things Pie! Can we finally get FlimFlam that subscription for the "Pie of the Month" club?.. Now accepting donations. 🙂

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