Welcome to the Zombie Cows!

The Zombie Cow’s are a gaming community obsessed with ZPS (Zombie Panic:Source). We welcome any new players that are willing to share our good times and bad. Especially those who are new to the game!

Zombie Cow’s Servers

Zombie Cow’s ZPS:

Administrators: Brixton, Greenthumb, F16, Shadow, TZJ, Samui, Mahula, Vincent Price, – T -, FlimFlam, RedFox
Respected Players: To Be Announced. Respected Players are given abilities to control the server and help the game move along. To become a Respected Player, play on our server! We’ll notice you. Talk to us about being an RP, as you’ll probably know the admins. The key is to find the right admin. 🙂

Latest News

March 19th, 2017 – Site Updates.
March 16th, 2017 – New Admin “T” added.

Welcome to Zombie Cows! This is a hotbed of testing and chaos. Stay tuned for many advancements.

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