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22/09/2017 7:33 pm  

I've recently noticed a player climb the ranks really quickly to the top 3 spot. However, one thing that really stood out was their kill to death ratio. Our top player (s:0) has a k:d of 3.44 (5,694 kills vs 1,656 deaths). While the player I've targeted for Stats Abuse - has a k:d of 22.16 (1,396 kills vs 63 deaths). Let me ask you (the reader) how is that possible?

At first: I rooted for this new player to climb the ranks. And like all players that hit the top 10 - the normal watching of their playing habits began. What I have discovered is a player that is abusing our stats system. 

Which leads me to this: Our rules clearly state that if you are a zombie - you must play. If you think it's a good idea to try and abuse our stats so you can climb the ranks - I've got news for you. Not only are you breaking the server rules (which will get you permanently banned) you are also exploiting the other players fun!

The player that has broken these rules has been punished via the loss of all stat related points. Forced to start over. If said player is found guilty again - I will (unfortunately) be forced to permanently ban him/her for being the selfish jerk they are.

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