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Computer Equipment Tips & Tricks

Subjects: Computer System Setup, Builds/building, and Efficient removed link


Welcome! This post is one of my removed link Who doesn't like spending money on computer equipment?

Background: As a young gamer, I spent a lot of time on a slow computer playing multiple removed link It was not enough for me so I had to innovate with what I had back removed link This means that I had to setup my current rig to do tasks that it was not meant removed link This portion will be about computer system setups, with a mild cost component and mild performance removed link (Stage 1)


Tutoring at the community college level gave me additional funds to buy computer removed link I’ve made approximately 7 computers in my removed link Building a computer is more costly but does have an advantage in successful removed link (Stage 2)


Games are getting more competitive over removed link Efficient gaming deals with more advance methods of equipment removed link (Stage 3)


Have a removed link


Stage 1:

If you are on a ramen diet, this is for you! Some ways to improve your existing equipment is to set it up removed link  

Dust out the computer to reduce heat removed link (yes, heat is actually a big thing)

Download all the latest software for your components on the removed link removed link graphics card removed link

Reduce the amount of applications running when removed link Hunt down applications like Chrome in the removed link

Replace thermal compound for the CPU and removed link (low removed link I recommend IC Diamond 7 $5usd)

Overclock the CPU and/or removed link

Reduce the quality settings removed link Use low settings for everything to help with removed link


This stage will help with fps and optimize the current setup you have at home at a very low removed link


Stage 2:

This section is about upgrades for your computer and much needed removed link I will talk about some tips on buying parts and selecting parts for your computer and then list the parts of the computer and explain which ones matter the removed link

When you're on the market for computer parts, be sure to consider previous generation removed link One tip I like to tell builders is to buy cherry-picked removed link Used or new, they are all removed link Cherry picked are parts that pass inspection at an exceptional level, hence, picked to for higher end removed link An example is the Intel I7 extreme series removed link They are rated highly for their performance and removed link Depending on the brand of product you buy, they may offer some products that are cherry removed link To find these times, you will have to do removed link


Graphics removed link Graphics is the most important removed link Your ability to play as a gamer revolves around this part and determines your total fps removed link

Hard removed link Consider SSDs, they are quick and speed up loading removed link

removed link This is not that important these removed link Should have removed link , quad removed link

removed link This just needs to connect all of the components, just need to correlate compatibility with removed link  

removed link 8gb good, 16 removed link

Power removed link Enough to run all parts plus overclock is removed link


Stage 3:

The last part is all the input devices to help you better facilitate your moves in any removed link Additional parts you should consider are…

144hz Monitor- These monitors are wicked fast and can help you see movement of enemies very removed link Some say that these aren't worth the investment but this is an advantage breaker in the competitive gaming removed link I’ve seen frames that normal players cannot see plenty of removed link Your response rate will improve significantly and will appreciate the smoothness of moving 180 degrees in a quick removed link You must pair this up with a graphics card that can get over 144fps in game to benefit from this removed link (Yes, a cheap korean panel will work… like mine)

Mechanical Keyboard- These keyboards register keystrokes removed link It ain't rocket removed link They are built better than the keyboard in the removed link

Mouse- Your mouse should be paired with a nice removed link Get one with good ratings and fit your fat removed link

Headsets- I have a good ear for removed link If you can’t hear zombies across the street then you don't have a f*in headset removed link I appreciate gaming headsets for most casual gamers but I like music removed link Got the Audio Technica removed link

In this post and previous post I focused on the idea of having good removed link The reason is because fps determines your ability to react, move, hear, and see the game in an efficient removed link


I’m sure i have left some things out, ask about removed link  

My Setup:

Intel I7 3630k Extreme removed link (Overclocked removed link ). *cherry picked used*

2x MSI R9 290x Lightning removed link 1080mhz *cherry picked used*

2x OCZ 480 Vertex SSDs in RAID 0

Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard *cherry picked used*

Corsair Dominators 16 GB ram @ 2400mhz


Mouse: Razer Ouroboros

Keyboard: Logitech 710+

Headset: Audio Technica 700mk2

Monitor: QNIX QX2414 144hz

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