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How to become a competitive gamer.


Everyone begins as a noob.

Three categories of gamers: noob, casual, and competitive.


As you advance towards your career in gaming, you are either going to play casually because a particular game you play is fun and enjoyable. However, some people decide to play with a competitive mindset. I want to also mention that competitive players can also have fun while playing competitively.


Benefits of Competition

Why should you adopt a competitive mindset? This idea builds on personality characteristics as an individual, trains on making good decisions, and develops good research and development skills.


“So you are saying it’s my personality?”


Sure, everyone has their own level of competitiveness and that level can be reduced or magnified in different scenarios. We could find that many competitive people, in a sense, take on more challenges and even difficult ones. So you are kind of working on your personality that is shown through your play style. In life, you project your level of competitiveness by the amount of challenges you take on.


In order to win a game, you should have inputted a series of good decisions to reach the means to an end. Think about it… making good decisions matter in games and in life. I don’t think you need an example here...


If you have not been winning much in games, it's probably because you haven’t done enough research (like reading tips!) and tried new methods. If you are… congrats? It is nice to improve win/lose ratio though.


Oh! Still reading? Well sh!t… I guess we will discuss about how to be a competitive player.


One of the things that happen as you game is that you discover how to play a game.

Discovery Method

A good competitive player discovers the quirks in each game. I want to describe this idea from a mathematical point of view. (btw computers were built from mathematics) Mathematicians are interesting people because they discover “patterns”. Okay okay… sure you can find patterns too. Patterns are simply something that reoccurs. An example is when an apple falls from an apple tree, all apples fall at the a particular rate of speed. So mathematicians find these particular patterns about the earth/environment we live in. A gamer would do so the same. Given the weight of things I carry on my character and current stamina, I can jump from this boat dock onto the boat! Wow, such discovery. A competitive gamer understands this idea and shows it by being able to run, gun, and jump all at the same time.



I joined a clan years ago on counter strike that held competitive matches. One of the things that we did was practice. But what we practiced is really the meat of this part. The first thing we practiced was movement. In most fps games you will be randomly spawned in a designated area. We counted seconds it takes to reach to an objective and examined the “POC” point of contact with enemies. You may realize this particular case as a fps gamer. The POC is important because if you had no clue where your enemy can be, you will have a less of an advantage. In war, we know that communication of location of enemies is key to making strategic moves to defeat them. The reason we have computers in the first place was to decrypt communications from the enemy to discover their plans, hence, using this advantage against them. Movement is low level stuff, easy to comprehend. Next we looked at key positions on the map and how to fortify them with several strategies. Some places on the map are important to defend or take so how you achieve that position is essential. You may find yourself often defending a popular spot that everyone goes to, there is a good reason to remember strategies you can utilize to obtain higher ground. This next one I did alone because it doesn’t have to be covered in our training session. Getting familiar with weapons in the game is important. I learned all of the weapons in gun games for example. The next step was to adjust the cross-hair sensitivity. Some games are very fast-pace, so I will have a higher track speed on the settings. Counter-strike has a slower pace. Zombie-Panic has a medium-fast pace. Adjusting to each game is key and it is sometimes better to change speeds to fine-tune your precision aiming. Making critical hits/head shots are important in dealing the most damage. Practice shooting at head level and always have your cross-hair along that level! In counter-strike there are aim maps to practice. Zombie-panic does not have any practice maps, however, pistols and pistol ammo is plenty in this game and is the only good practice gun for head shots. Seeing an enemy before they see you is a great advantage (hint: 144hz monitor) but having a good headset can make all of the difference. For example, some people HEARING enemies before they get around a corner is hypercritical to making a move on them. So knowing all of the sounds in the game is important and the proximity of the sound.



One way to improve as a competitive player is to develop intuition. This can be seen at chess games. What will my opponent do? Intuition is knowing or having an idea of how people will make their move in the game and how to react in a way that will give you the upper hand in a battle.



Sometimes you have to lose to win. It is a part of most fps games now and it can be hard to accept defeat. Good players know how to accept this fate. What matters more in this case is how you recover from a battle and how you will change your strategy to outplay others. Keep calm and shoot heads!


Skill Tree

It is good to have a benchmark on how you are doing. A mental list of skills you have as a player is important because you want to compare and tackle skills that you think matters more. Some skills are more important than others. An example is hearing, how well can I hear enemies and how can I improve my hearing? Does it have to do with my headset? Does it have to do with the sound settings? Is Windows mixer messing with volume levels? These are some critical pieces that impacts my gaming efforts.


I hope this gives a good insight of how to be competitive gamer. It is not ironic on how competitiveness plays in your own life, is it?


Post them questions/comments.

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