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Zombie Cow's - Server Rules
We've put together a short list of rules, which are mostly common sense. You are expected to read these rules before playing on any ZC server. By playing on the Zombie Cow's servers, you are bound by these rules, regardless if you have read them or not!

1) No racism, abusive language or sexual references towards other players. If another player finds something offensive about your conversation, then please stop and apologize.

2) Pornographic sprays are NOT acceptable. You will be banned for using them. (non sexual sprays are fine)

3) No cheating! Use of exploited spots or glitches is strictly prohibited.

4) Thou shall obeyith thy server adminith (at all times)!

5) No player grieving. (Standing inside another player, hoarding unneeded ammo, etc)

6) No zombie avoidance. (Leaving the server then rejoining when picked as zombie at beginning of round shall result in a Permanent Ban!)

7) Do NOT advertise other servers, sites or clans on this server.

8) No MIC or Chat spamming. An occasional sound byte is "ok" but do not overdo it! 

9) If you are going AFK for a long time then please leave the server so other players may join. Otherwise, have some respect and tell the other players of your AFK status. AFK for more than 5 minutes will get you kicked.

10) HAVE FUN!!!! We work hard to keep this server going, and it's all in the name of fun. So participate in team work, chat with the nice players, and keep the good times going!  😀 

11) No FRIENDLY Zombies (in response to Takua's request). Any Zombie acting "friendly" shall be shot in the head.

12) No Camping on Objective Maps, unless the objective specifically requires Camping as part of the objective goal. IE: "Wait here for 2 minutes until Helicopter arrives"

13) Absolutely NO trolling. Trolls shall be banned without warning! If you are so impeccably ignorant, that trolling and provoking others makes you feel empowered or amused, you've come to the wrong place. All trolls will be permanently banned (no appeals allowed).

Punishment(s): Any player found in violation of the above stated rules, shall be (at the Admins discretion) Kick - Banned - or otherwise tortured for being such a jackass that doesn't have any common sense. If you do not like these rules, then find yourself another server. All Ban's are Permanent, but can be appealed in our Un-Ban Request forum.

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