[Sticky] Zombie Cow's Annual Vacation Meetup - Part III - July 2018 - There will be pie!  


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23/07/2017 9:18 pm  

MOOOOOO! Let's face it, we're great at last minute planning. So, for the our next meetup - we're giving all of the Zow's as much notice as possible. Plan for the 2nd week of July 11th to July 15th - 2018 at the Zombie Cow Headquarters (Tobyhanna PA). Bring your gaming rig (if you can) as there will be ZPS, food, campfire, wilderness, zombie cow's lake, green things (including Mr Greenthumb), pie (which always attracts FlimFlam from his cave in Gorzopolis), music (I'll hopefully prepare a live show one night) as well as a lot of great times together!


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