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Zombie Cow's - Forum Rules
This Forum has been set up to help further the Community of the players on the Zombie Cow server. We expect you to follow these simple rules. All members who contribute to this community are Zombie Cow's, and forge lasting friendships on a common bond of Cow'isms. So before you read these rules, ask yourself if you really want to be a part of this? If so, read on. If not, press ALT+F4 on your keyboard.

Our Simple Rules that you can bet on:
1) Put your post in the right place! Look around first to be sure you are posting in the right spot. If you put your post in the wrong place, we'll move it on you and PM you with a link.

2) Sexual posts strictly prohibited.

3) Any form of Sexual Advance, or post containing violent anger towards another Community Member, will result in punishment unless expressed anger is done so in the Arguments forum.

4) Advertising of other sites, and user signatures that lead to other sites, are not allowed - unless pre-approved by an admin first.

5) Pies are good, and are your friend. Cakes are bad. If you side with Cake, press ALT+F4 now.

6) Some posts you can not see, because you don't have permissions to the Admin forums. Discussion about anything that goes on, in the Admin Forums, is strictly prohibited and only to be discussed by those that we have allowed in the Admin Forums. In fact, there is no discussions that ever happen in the Admin forums, because telling you that they exist in the first place, is like admitting that it happened. Forget what you just read, go back to sleep. It was only a dream.

7) Blame everything on Krebs.

8) Anything posted in this specific Topic in the forum - will eventually be removed.

9) Have FUN!!!!! That's what we are here for!

If you can't follow these very basic rules, then just leave already!!!! As you see I/we all have a sense of humor. So use yours! Or you can go Google up the nearest bridge, and jump off of it.

Posted : 22/05/2017 4:26 am
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